Public Session Parties:

Click the “book now” button to complete your reservation. (If you need to reserve by phone: (715) 234-6070)

“THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!”  Party packages are available for hosting a celebration during our regular Public Hours. CURRENT HOURS LISTED ON HOME PAGE . . . your package is for the entire session booked. Click the Blue “Book Now” button to complete your reservation. If you need to reserve by telephone: 715-234-6070

Special note regarding THURSDAY PIZZA SKATE: On Thursdays, all adults are charged full price for admittance, due to the free pizza that is included. These adults can be added to your bill or they can pay individually upon entrance. If they are added to your bill, they will be $8.50 per person and you should indicate your willingness to pay the full amount by clicking “yes” when asked if you will pay for them to “skate” even if they are not skating. If you are only willing to pay the $2 fee, then click “no” and we will add them to your list for $2 and have them pay the difference of $6.50 at the door. Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions. 

Private Parties:

PRIVATE PARTIES are a great option for your next birthday celebration. The private party package is designed for you to have the rink to yourself. …just like a ROCKSTAR! These parties are available for booking by calling Skate City at (715) 234-6070 (Sorry, on-line booking is currently NOT available for the private party package). Details are listed below!

private party description details march 2022